Green Brigade Christmas Food Drive

The Green Brigade would like to thank the Celtic support for the incredible collective generosity which was exhibited on the day of our food bank collection in December of 2013 at Celtic Park. It was both humbling and inspiring to witness the shopping bags pile up outside the stadium as men, women and children kindly donated what they could to help those in need at Christmas time as they made their way to the match. The response was entirely fitting of the club’s founding ethos and an almost unbelievable 5,746.75kg, ie 5.75 tonnes, of food was collected and distributed to the impoverished people of Glasgow’s East end and beyond. We were also given a total of £465.45 to pass on to the Glasgow North East Food Bank.

‘’I would like to thank the supporters of Celtic FC for their generosity and thoughtfulness; their response was overwhelming’’. Beth Aitken, Acting Project Manager of Glasgow North East Food Bank.

An event like this encapsulates what Celtic means to so many of us. In a time of austerity and social apathy, with a dangerously callous Conservative government at the helm and the mainstream media seemingly intent on demonising the working class at every turn, the Celtic support has once more demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to charitable aims and to helping the local community. We thank you all for your kindness and hope that we can count on your continued support for any future charitable projects that the group seeks to organise.

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FAC – Roll of Honour

Fans Against Criminalisation are delighted to announce plans to release the single ‘’Roll of Honour’’ in association with The Irish Brigade for the duration of the week beginning on 8th of February. This single will be available for download on iTunes. We would like to thank the band for kindly allowing us to use their song to help aid our campaign against the criminalisation of football supporters and the suppression of political expression.

Download the Roll of Honour any time in the week 8 -15 February inclusive and let’s get it into the UK Top 40 Singles Charts and embarrass the hypocrites who seek to criminalise us.

This particular song is a ballad about civil resistance and a struggle for basic human rights and it has been a favourite of the Celtic support for over a decade. Shamefully, the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act has resulted in the song becoming a target for Police Scotland and numerous arrests have been made as a result. From its outset FAC has sought to oppose this discriminatory piece of legislation and to defend the rights of football supporter’s which have been continually eroded since the Act’s introduction.

We call on the Celtic family from all corners of the globe to support this campaign by downloading the single to help raise funds to aid the legal costs of those whose lives are being torn apart by this disgracefully illiberal law and to help further publicise the hypocrisy inherent within the government’s position.

Fans Against Criminalisation

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Small tribute to Marina Ginesta

IMG_5097 edit IMG_5098 IMG_5099

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Online orders for merchandise are currently unavailable at this time.

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Group Statement regarding Friday’s events

Following the events of Friday night’s match against Motherwell at Fir Park, the Green Brigade would like to clarify our position on a couple of issues.

Firstly we do not condone the breaking of seats nor do we welcome pyrotechnics being thrown on the park. We as a group are as disappointed as any about such indefensible behaviour and regret that it happened on our watch. Whilst it was not members of our group behaving in this manner, we accept the fact that these actions took place behind our banner in what was an unofficial ‘Green Brigade section’ and furthermore that the fans within this area are associated to our group whether they are members or not.

It is particularly disappointing given how hard we have worked as a member organisation of Fans Against Criminalisation and of our own accord to fight the criminalisation of football supporters as we realise the damage that the events of Friday night could have on our efforts to challenge the continued harassment of Celtic fans by Police Scotland. Ultimately, we should have had greater control of the bodies present within our block and our failure to do so has resulted in events which are unacceptable and we will strive to ensure that such scenes are not repeated.

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Green Brigade & Celtic FC Foundation – Foodbank Collection

On Saturday the 21st of December, before we play Hearts at Celtic Park, the Green Brigade and Celtic FC Foundation have organised a collection for the local foodbank in the Calton Parkhead Parish Church on Helenvale Street. It’s a sad state of affairs that such places exist in 2013 but the least we can do is try and help struggling families over the festive period.
There was a similar collection in the Maryhill area before we played Partick Thistle and it was really succesful so we hope this one can be just as fruitful. Please give generously. All the details are on the poster below. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


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Green Brigade Statement 27.11.13

As a member of Fans Against Criminalisation the Green Brigade are fully committed to highlighting, challenging and tackling the systemised campaign of criminalisation and harassment – orchestrated by the Scottish Government and implemented by Police Scotland – against the Celtic support.

At the risk of covering old ground, the Scottish Government are responsible for drafting and implementing a ridiculous piece of legislation which, through their own admission, aims to make the arrest figures between both sides of the Glasgow divide even – regardless of the act or crime in question. In practice, for the Celtic support this has resulted in expressions of Irish identity, culture and politics being deemed illegal.

One prominent example is the criminalisation of the song ‘Roll of Honour’ which is a lament commemorating ten Irish martyrs who died on hunger strike in Long Kesh in 1981. These men died primarily fighting the criminalisation of themselves and their struggle in a bid to be recognised as political prisoners. Now, in Scotland, it is deemed illegal to remember and honour their sacrifice. The number of fans being charged for doing so continually rises as Police Scotland continues to film and harass our support at every turn.

On Saturday 23rd November we highlighted the sheer hypocrisy of the legislation with a simple banner display. On the 10th minute and 81st minute a banner of the letter H was unveiled while ‘Roll of Honour’ was sung. Alongside this banner appeared two further banners containing the following lyric from the Scottish national anthem: ‘they fought and died for; their wee bit hill and glen’.

Similarly, on Tuesday 26th November we unveiled another banner display to further our point and emphasise the Scottish Government’s hypocrisy. At this match two banners depicting a Scottish and an Irish freedom fighter were shown along with the slogan: ‘the terrorist or the dreamer; the savage of the brave? Depends whose vote you’re trying to catch or whose face you’re trying to save’. The statement being made was that it is both hypocritical and discriminatory to celebrate the Scottish nationalist struggle while criminalising the Irish nationalist struggle. Ultimately, due to the subjective nature of what anyone may deem ‘offensive’, it is both dangerous and absurd to create a law based upon offensiveness.

The Green Brigade are disappointed by the statement made by Celtic Football Club in regards to this incident. The Club’s statement claims that we assured them that our display would be purely football related but that in fact it had nothing to do with football. In reality however what was assured to them was that our plans were completely relative to Celtic and indeed football. Given that it is Celtic fans who are filling up prison cells and court rooms because of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, and the manner in which it criminalises legitimate expression of political opinion, this display could not have been more relevant in the current context. The fans are the lifeblood of any football club and to deem fan issues as irrelevant is frankly disgraceful.

While we understand and sympathise fully with fans who may disagree with the timing of last night’s display we are honest enough to admit that the timing was of no coincidence. This act has been in place for over 18 months yet the club have offered next to no support to the fans on this matter. As a group we were told that Celtic Football Club would publicly support the fans on this issue. Regrettably, this has not transpired in spite of the fact that public pressure could have had a telling impact on the Justice Committee as they discussed the possibility of an early review of the act.

It is our opinion that the level of apathy from Celtic PLC towards the criminalisation of their supporters is unforgivable. We find their accusation of the Green Brigade disrespecting the club to be completely ironic and totally laughable when we consider the level of disrespect they have repeatedly shown to their supporters for far too long – never mind the desecrating of our Club’s proud history and values with the firm objection to implementing the ‘living wage’.

Whilst the Club may wish to wash their hands of pressing fan issues we will not falter in our attempts to challenge the injustice of this legislation nor how Police Scotland implements it. As the number of Celtic fans banned from games continues to grow and the court cases and all additional baggage piles up we will stand by them, we will stand with the Celtic support and as always we will defend our right to cultural and political expression.

Until the last rebel

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Green Brigade at IRD 20th Anniversary

There was a group of Green Brigade over in Toulon a few weekends back for the 20th anniversary of Irreductibles Toulon. Good weekend was had by all. It also marked 5 years since we first went there. We’ll hopefully have some of them over in Glasgow soon to mark that.

IRD (and the club) have went through a lot of problems in recent years, thrown out leagues, thrown out stadiums and whatever else, but was good to see them having a good go at celebrating their group and what they’ve achieved.

Photos and videos here of the 5 tifos:

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F.A.C. – Review the Act

Fans Against Criminalisation have recently launched a new campaign calling for an early review of the Offensive Behaviours Act which had originally been scheduled for the end of the 2014/15 season.

With arrests and harassment of football fans increasing as a result of the introduction of the bill, the proposed date of 2015 for review is too far down the line. We encourage everyone to participate in FACs email campaign that asks elected representatives to push for early review of the bill, and gives us an opportunity to collectively show our opposition to it.

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Green Brigade statement 23/8/13

The Green Brigade are pleased to announce that a positive outcome relating to Section 111 has been reached after constructive discussions with the Club. All relocations away from our block within Section 111 have now been reversed with all of those affected being returned to their original seat.

As always we must thank the Celtic support who once again rallied around our Group and section when it was needed. We would like to especially thank all fans within our block for their patience and resilience over the past few weeks as we tried to reach a positive conclusion. We are now satisfied that this has been achieved and look forward to returning to Celtic Park on Saturday to resume normal practice. Furthermore we look forward to working together with the Club on a project to introduce a Safe Standing section to Celtic Park.

Given relocations have already taken place – and the late nature in arriving at this conclusion – current/original season tickets will no longer be active. For Saturday’s match paper tickets will be issued for all within the block and will be distributed before the match. Tickets will be available for collection from 1pm at the ticket office behind the Superstore and will only be issued after presenting your 111 teamcard. We understand that this may be problematic however will strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

Until The Last Rebel

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