The Green Brigade are a Celtic FC Ultra group that formed in the summer of 2006 which aim to bring colour and noise to matches both home and away - something that has dwindled from the Celtic support in recent times.

With a vibrant and somewhat controversial history, the Green Brigade aim to fuse together Ultra culture with politics in the stands of Celtic Park and beyond. This aspect has led to many conflicts with the police, security and the Club itself over the years, yet remain the core foundations of the group which has continued to enjoy support from the wider Celtic family.

Making a humble start in the face of doubt, suspicion and repressive actions, the groups early focus was to build on its small membership with the right people whilst demonstrating the positive attributes they would bring to the Celtic support. This was mainly achieved by witty and humorous banners often aimed at the opposition and by congregating in areas of the ground where they could stand, sing and positively affect the atmosphere. In time the small banners grew to larger banners, to more frequent banners, to small tifos, to more frequent tifos, to larger tifos. Similarly, the Group found its home early within Section 111 of Celtic Park and gradually built on its presence here year on year.

Having set out its stall as not only an Ultras group – where the concept and style was not only alien in practice in Britain but totally misunderstood – but as an openly political one then most people, including many Celtic fans, not only criticised but mocked and predicted a very short future. Such attitudes would soon change though.

Standing, lateral movement, overcrowding, migrating, offensive chanting, offensive banners and pyrotechnics all resulted in loggerheads between the Group, the Club and authorities - all meriting media exposure and pressure to varying degrees. These issues would remain as a constant under current, occasionally coming to the fore, whilst the Group would continue with its efforts in supporting the team.

The Group opposes the reactionary and draconian 'Offensive Behaviour at Football Act' implemented in 2012, which specifically targets Irish Republican songs from the Celtic support. The legislation was a deliberate attack on the Celtic support with the Green Brigade facing the brunt of it.