Monthly Update - February 2015

February has been a busy month for the Green Brigade and it started against a strange team but with unfortunately familiar fans. This was, of course, Celtic’s first encounter with Sevco - the comedy act we know to be parodying the now defunct Rangers. Cruising to a comfortable victory Celtic secured a place in the League Cup final where we now await Dundee Utd on the 15th March.

In spite of attempts by most quarters to portray the February 1st fixture as something it clearly was not, we treated the opposition with the contempt they deserve. Our efforts in the stands were deliberately limited to simple message banners. The aim was to insult the huns clinging on to Sevco as if the old wummin who moved into your deid grannies house was still your granny. At the same time we parodied the huns’ pathetic and tiresome mentality to all things British – particularly their worship of the armed forces and their ‘remembrance’ charades – whilst tying it with the death of their own club. It seemed to hit the spot.

We, like most other Celtic fans, had our eye on something far bigger though – Inter Milan. A romantic tie for all Celtic fans it was only right for us to attempt to mark the occasion fittingly. Whilst a commemoration of 1967 and the Lisbon Lions was pretty obvious we felt it was important to make our tifo current. The aim wasn’t to solely reminisce of past glory but to inspire for future glory. This was attempted by a depiction of an old school TV set which went from being off (black screen) to next showing Chalmers’ winning goal in Lisbon to next showing the final whistle celebrations from Lisbon – all being watched by large ‘templates’ of Deila, Brown, Johansen and Izaguirre. After weeks of long days and nights preparing the tifo, and pretty much bankrupting ourselves at the same time, I think we were pretty satisfied with the outcome and reception it received. The performance, style, fight, spirit and final result all fitted our theme perfectly.

A return to League action with Hamilton saw us go three points clear whilst also allowing us to perform a little charitable action of our own. Within our section we had a small appeal to raise money for the Castlemilk Foodbank which had recently shut due to not having enough food. As always those within and around us reacted as they always do and the money raised, along with additional food donations, will be put to good use at the foodbank and hopefully go a small way to getting them back on their feet.

February also saw the beginning of a series of free political education nights organised by the Green brigade, aimed at taking education out of the classroom and giving young people a means to get together and discuss a variety of issues affecting both their local community and the wider political world in an informal setting. Following on from similar events in previous years, the first education night began with ‘Apartheid in Palestine’. We were joined by two young speakers who shared their experiences on the ground and explained how we can all become more involved. Look out for the next education night which will be announced shortly.

With March now upon us we look forward to another busy month – the League Cup final being our biggest highlight. As ever we will aim to have something in the stands fitting of the occasion and if anyone would like to contribute to this then donations are always gratefully accepted. (paypal: ; or in person before any home match at the Celtic Club, London Rd)


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